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rebranding, logo, packaging, campaign in brand channels (social media, mailing database)

The brand starts with a new message:  Reduce. Repurpose. Reclaim. And make your fashion last. The point is to show the advantages of circular fashion, buying pre-loved things from high fashion brands. Therefore, the brand’s visual ID also needed to be changed. Conscious fashion goes now hand in hand with responsibility at every level of business.The result of our work is a full adaptation of the brand’s printed materials to the Chosen By’s philosophy. The new identification assumes minimizing prints to the necessary minimum: business cards, tags, shipping cards and stickers. In 2019, the project was featured by the World Brand Design Society: Less Waste Rebranding for Conscious Fashion Label

See the full case study on Bēhance


In 2020, the project was awarded in the national competition “Project of the Year” organized by the Association of Applied Graphic Designers in the Environmentally friendly design category.

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